• Konanoki

    Makomi's Kisekae Stuff

    December 27, 2017 by Konanoki
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  • Horizonfudgy

    Kisekae Ideas

    August 16, 2015 by Horizonfudgy

    More Bangs

    More Swimsuits

    Panties with different prints

    Longer school skirt

    Claws for hands

    Forks, chopsticks, spoons etc for characters to hold


    Facial piercings

    More jewerly

    Mermaid/lamia tails

    Graphic t-shirts

    Hoodies w/and wo zippers

    Boxers for males



    More freckles and moles for face and body

    Plaid t-shit , vest , socks pants etc

    Leggings with prints Examples : polkadots, stripes , animal print

    Leopard print everything~ panties !!!!!!!

    Lingerie- corsets and babydolls


    better pubic hair for males

    Stitches for limbs, and ampute limbs

    Pregnant belly with better belly button

    Steampunk clothes

    Food for characters to hold, carrots , soda cans , beer/wine cans, bottles filled with stuff, fish,

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  • ShadOfSwad DeSmuME

    This is where i come in! At school, i have been studing a LOT of Coding, CSS, and JS coding. Need something fancy on your Profile? Want a userbox or two added? Want text font, type and colour changed on your Profile? SImply place a request on my Message Wall here and i'll do the best i can!


    ShadOfSwad DeSmuME

    AKA: Shadowgallade777

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  • RarityAndJoannaTheWolves

    Ask me any stuff you need!

    You can ask me and silly stuff!

    Lol be sure not too disgusting.

    Now You Can Dare Me Stuff!

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  • RarityAndJoannaTheWolves

    1.Waiting. 2.Restarting. 3.Bugs and Viruses. I Really Hate Those Things!

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  • RarityAndJoannaTheWolves

    Be sure to respect the rules!

    If you don't respect the rules and you are bad,you get banned,blocked,kicked.

    You can get this for an infinite amount,so watch out at your behavior!

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  • RarityAndJoannaTheWolves

    Badges are win if you do what it writes there.

    The points are:

    Platinum:250 Points

    Gold:100 Points

    Silver:50 Points

    Bronze:10 Points

    Be sure do not be a maniac of winning Badges just for being the 1st On the Dashboard!

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  • RarityAndJoannaTheWolves

    I think that I shall start a journal?Lol XD

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  • RarityAndJoannaTheWolves

    Hope you like making OCs,because here you can make Kisekae OCs and other OCs!

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  • RarityAndJoannaTheWolves

    Being an Administrator is not Easy!

    If you are a Beginner,please ask The Administrators or Moderators what you need!

    1)If no Administrator or Moderator is On,wait until someone is On.If I'm the only one who is On,ask me!

    2)Don't ask me stupid or useless stuff.I'm made to help,not to joke!

    3)Don't be mean or rude with us,or we will not help you.

    Good!Now please do what it writes there!You will be something one day,you will be promoted,bu respecting the rules!

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  • RarityAndJoannaTheWolves

    Wiki rules,The Chat Rules are already in here,but the Wiki Rules,they will be made soon!

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  • RarityAndJoannaTheWolves


    June 29, 2015 by RarityAndJoannaTheWolves

    Do you are our Fan?Don't be shy,talk to us! I like Shadowgallade777 and Horizonfudgy,they are my BFFs!

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  • RarityAndJoannaTheWolves

    We need templates for this Wiki,so please help! The templates will be made by Contributing to the Wiki where is the Paper.

    We need more Pictures and Pages,so please help us!

    Respect the Rules!

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