Beatrix Heering is a scientist from the Netherlands. She's been known for having an impressive knowledge of robotics and electronics since she was young. During a test for an electronic prosthetic for a war amputee, the device malfunctioned, leaving Beatrix with damaged legs and arms, along with being in a coma. She was then brought back from the brink of death by her assistant, who installed her with cybernetic implants to replace all of the damaged nerves and limbs. Although she's been brought back from the dead with the help of the implants, Amelia found out that her assistant installed some 'erotic' devices inside of her that enables her to increase her breast size at will. She was at first irritated that her assistant did this to her, but she brushed it off since he did save her life, even to the point of asking how she can repay him. All he wanted was for them to get married.

Due to the erotic implants placed into her by her now husband, Beatrix has her aging process slowed down to a crawl, where she'll look like she's in her 20s by the time she's around her 50s and 60s. It is known that she'll be able to survive longer than the average human (normally around 100 years).

Beatrix's has been know to be in the Genius level of her IQ score, but her actual IQ score is unknown.

Beatrix's appearance is of a traditional scientist look, from a standard button-up shirt or skirt with a white lab coat. She also wears long black leggings with brown small-heel shoes. She typically sports a long ponytail with her violet-colored hair. Due to her being cooped inside her laboratory, her skin color has a very pale tone.

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